Our procurement experts select regions of farm from which the peanuts are procured according to the type/variety of ground nut, type of soil and amount of average rainfall. This is very important for getting aflatoxin free in shell. Selected farm produce are even procured in bulk from various APMC (Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee) by experts.

Quality Check

It is essential to have a full-proof system which can receive, clean, store peanuts within a very short time, particularly during the harvest season. Each lot of peanuts that come to our unit is tested and analyzed in our in-house lab mainly for aflatoxin, yield, moisture, and FFA etc.

Classification of Inshells

The inshells are separated from dust, mud, stones, stalks, leaves, shriveled and undeveloped pods and small inshells in a Classifier Separator.


The heavy stones and mud balls are removed in the de-stoner.

Inspection & Sorting

The uniform sized inshells are checked visually for removal of damaged and discolored inshells.

Magnetic Seperation

The ferrous impurities like nails, nuts, bolts etc. are separated by Magnetic Separator.


The inshells are shelled and separates kernels and shells.

Classification of Pods & Kernels

The inshells/pods and very small kernels are separated from good kernels. The peanuts are then sent to intake bins for stage 2 of the process.

Intake bins

The peanuts are bought into this bins through Z type bucket elevators. This bucket elevators transports the peanuts from one machine to other avoiding scooping through out both stages of process.

Intake bins

The peanuts are bought into this bins through Z type bucket elevators. This bucket elevators transports the peanuts from one machine to other avoiding scooping through out both stages of process.

Classification of Kernels

At this stage impurities such as straw , sand, small stones, paper etc. are removed by classifier separator.

Magnetic Seperation

Ferrous impurities are separated in this stage of process using by powerful magnets.


Destoners separates stones from a continuous product stream. Reliable removable of high density impurities such as stone and pieces of metal and glass is achieved on the basis of differences in specific gravity.

Vibro Grading

Heavy duty vibro-grading machine is used for grading of granular material in to a heavy mixed and light fraction e.g. removing impure matter such as shriveled kernels, ergot, light kernels, pods etc. by grading the peanuts in to a heavy mixed and light fraction.

Bichromatic Colour Sorting

The peanuts then passes the process of optical inspection by which contaminants such as discolored peanuts, rot, dark peanuts and foreign materials are removed from final product. We use Sortex machine (Z+3BL) for this process: It is combination of the most advanced cameras and a shape recognition identifier that identifies the widest range of foreign material, extraneous matter , smaller spot defects , finer product damage and subtler colours.


A good aspirations system is vital for efficient operation of plant and for maintaining sanitation in the plant. Our aspiration system is integrated and engineered to match the equipment of the processing plant.

Uniform Gradation

Grading is the process of separating out broken kernels and grading the nuts in 5 different uniform size by diameter and thickness. This is achieved using two classifiers.

Metal Separation

Online metal separator detects and separates any kind of metallic foreign material before packing of the final product.

Online Auto Sampling

Samples are automatically drawn for analysis from a continuous process stream. The samples are tested in our in-house laboratory for mycotoxins, especially aflatoxin. We are the first in the country to implement in-house aflatoxin testing on a continuous basis from raw material to finished product.

Online Computerized Packing

Jute bags, food grade HDPP bags, woven PP bags and jumbo tote bags packing options available. Online computerized packing from 5 kgs. to 1000 kgs. bags is possible.

Lab Analysis

The peanuts are sent for its final analysis to our in-house laboratory. Here it goes through various stages of tests to determine the highest quality. Our in-house lab is equipped with the most modern testing equipments and aflatoxin testing machines.

Loading & Stuffing

All our peanuts that are exported are stuffed into the containers at the factory. Utmost care and attention is given to loading and stuffing of peanuts into the container to ensure the delivery of the peanuts in complete, clean and undamaged condition.

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Peanut processing unit


Process Farm Process Quality Process Classification

Process De-stoning Process inspection Process Magnetic

Process shelling Process pods & kernels Process intake bins Process Connector

Process intake bins
Process classification of kernels Process magnetic separation Process De-stoning
Process Vibro grading Process bichromatic colour sorting Process Aspiration

Process uniform gradution Process metal separation Process online auto sampling

Process online computerized packing Process lab analysis Process loading & stuffing
Process 11+ process Only Kanbi products passes through more than 11 different processes for uniform grading, optical sorting and automatic packing.